Terms & Conditions of Use

Welcome to the Glassesly website! Check out our Terms of Use, which together with the Privacy Policy determine the legal relationship between you and Glassesly. By continuing to browse and use the website, we assume that you have agreed to our terms.

Last changed: 27/03/2019


The terms and conditions will continue to apply to the legal relationship arising in the purchasing environment of the Client and Glassesly OÜ website. In addition to these conditions, the laws in force in the Republic of Estonia apply. This site is managed by Glassesly OÜ. When you visit the site and purchase products, the Client is associated with the Services offered and has previously agreed to the Glassesly Terms of Service. These conditions apply to all users of the site, customers, resellers and Glassesly employees. By using the Site, the Services or when you purchase Products, you agree to these terms. All subsequent Products or Services are also subject to these Terms. Glassesly OÜ reserves the right to change, renew or change the Terms. The Client is responsible for reviewing Glassesly’s updated Terms and Conditions beforehand.

Prices in webstore

All prices in the web store are in euros and include VAT.

Products in webstore

The web store may contain products that are only available in limited quantities and are special editions. Special edition products can be returned or exchanged in accordance with our Return Policy. The products in the web store are, as a rule, always available in stock. Availability of products is not guaranteed, as there may be a case where the availability of the product is incorrect due to technical problems in the web store  programs. In case the Customer submits an order to the web Store, but the Product is not available, the web store is not able to execute this order. In this case, Glassesly OÜ will contact the Client and offer either a replacement product, a possible new availability time of the new product or return the purchase amount to the Client within 14 days. The product photos in the e-shop are illustrative, but captured using the best solutions. Unfortunately, the colors of the monitor may vary on different computers, and the appearance of the products may vary to a minimum.

Making purchases in webstore

The customer can purchase by choosing the desired product and adding it to the shopping cart.


To forward and complete the order, the  “BUY FRAME ONLY” or “BUY WITH LENSES” button must be clicked on the shopping cart, from where the Client will be forwarded to the order confirmation. After completing the necessary fields, the Client will pay for the purchase through a banklink or Internet bank and confirm the order.


When “BUY WITH LENSESS” is clicked, customer is guided to the Adding Lenses system where Client inserts the glasses wearers eyewear prescription and based on the prescription the system shows the eyeglass lenses that are suitable for the wearers prescription. After that the same steps have to be made to finish the order as with not buying with lenses.


After receiving the payment for the Product, the customer receives a confirmation from the webstore for ordering the product. When ordering a product, the Client obliges to add the necessary and correct Personal Details. The Seller is not responsible for the consequences caused by the incorrect information provided by the Client in execution of the order or when adding lenses.

Payment methods

Secure payment is guaranteed through:
PayPal Account or Through Credit Card via PayPal (no account needed).
Estonian banklinks: Swedbank, SEB Pank, LHV, Luminor.


In making payments, the respective bank directs the outside of the E-shop environment, the payment environment of another secure provider.


Glassesly OÜ does not have access to the Client’s bank details.


The Customer can choose the delivery of the product by different means. Different postal services are displayed when ordering, and depending on the different delivery times.


Free Shipping applies:


Estonia – Shipping is 100% free.
Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania) -Free shipping over 50€ order.
Finland – Free shipping over 50€ order.


Other Europe – Free shipping over 50€ order.


International – Flat Rate Shipping of 15€ applies. We are working hard to make free shipping worldwide.


If the Customer selects a Omniva Vending Machine, Itella Vending Machine or SmartPost Vending Machine as a delivery, the Product will arrive in accordance with the Customer’s selected vending machine within 5 working days. Usually 1-2 days in Estonia.


When arriving at the place of delivery, the customer will be informed by SMS. The SMS contains the door code at the location of the parcel terminal and the end of the deposit period. The parcel terminals are open 24 hours a day. If the Customer has not reached the Product within 7 calendar days, the Product will be returned to Glassesly OÜ.


The customer must keep the SMS delivery notification of the product to the end of the 15-day refund period.


By choosing the Post Office delivery method, the Product reaches the post office selected by the Client within 1-14 working days from the confirmation receipt received by the Client through e-mail. Once the product has arrived at the post office, a new SMS message containing the post office and product location will be sent to the Client or information is sent to the chosen address via post. The product is kept at the post office usually for 15 calendar days, depending of Country.


Orders finalized during the weekend between Friday 13:00 and Monday morning 9:00, the 5 working day deadline is scheduled to start on the first working day after the weekend or public holiday from 09:00.


The Client is responsible for the accurate completion of the contact information. Glassesly OÜ is not responsible for delays or misunderstandings about delivery of the Product in case of confusion due to inaccurate details provided by the Client.


If an order arrives to the Customer in an incorrect condition, the Client must immediately inform by e-mail to: [email protected].

All products go under Quality Check to ensure that the product is in the correct condition before sending it to the Client.

Product retrieve and recovery

The Client is obliged to keep the packaging in which the Product was originally contained, along with the delivery note and invoice. If the Product should have any problems, the Customer will be required to leave the Product in the packaging it was originally contained, along with the delivery note and invoice. Should the Product have problems, the customer will send the original product in the package with the invoice and delivery note back to the seller.


The Client has the right to return his purchase within 15 days, the Client may also choose to exchange the products. The return period of 15 days will be effective from the day the Product has arrived at the post office or a parcel terminal and the notice has been forwarded to the Client. By using the courier service, the refund period starts from 15 days until the Product reaches the Client address.


The Client is obligated to inform the e-shop first by sending an email to [email protected], to inform about the return of the Product. If the Product has returned to the web store, Customer will be notified via Customer Support e-mail.


The seller reimburses the costs of the transport service related to the purchase of the Client.


The shipping costs incurred by the returning product shall be paid by the Buyer.


When flawed product arrives to Customer the replacement shipping costs are paid by Glassesly OÜ.


Glassesly OÜ will send a new Product to the Client shortly after the product reaches the physical address of Glassesly OÜ which you can check here.


The product can be exchanged according to the amount purchased.


The purchase amount will be returned to the Customer within 14 days after the Product arrives back to the physical address of Glassesly OÜ. The money to be returned will be transferred to the same current account with which the Client made the purchase.


In case of returning or exchanging the Product, the Client is obliged to complete the Transaction and Return Form accompanying the Product. The exchange and refund form is obligatory for the Customer in returning or changing the product, and without a refund form, the product is not compensated or replaced.


The product that is returned or exchanged must not be damaged or bear traces of imprint. The product must be in original packaging and all original labels must be kept on the Product. If the above requirements are not met, then the web store can not take back the product.


The Customer has a duty to carefully open the Product Package to avoid damaging it. In the event that the packaging can not be otherwise opened, the Product is not required to be returned in its original packaging.


The spectacle lenses are not compensated, as they are, according to the wearers prescription. This does not apply if Seller’s installation error has occurred.


Claims and presentation

For the products sold in the web store the 2-year term for filing claims is set out in § 218 (2) of the VÕS. The disagreements between the Customer and the Seller will be settled by negotiation.


According to Section 222 (1) of the Law of Obligations Act, the Client is entitled to demand repair or replacement of the Product in the event of non-compliance with the contract conditions of the Product. In the event of non-compliance with the product’s contractual terms, the Seller will repatriate the costs of repairing the Product or replacing the Product, in particular transport, mail, work and materials costs.


The Seller is not responsible for any damages or breakdowns caused by misuse of ordered Products, as well as for delay in delivery, if this is due to circumstances beyond the Seller’s control and influence.

Changes in terms & conditions

By registering as an web store user or purchasing from the web store, the Customer agrees to the terms of use of the e-shop and is required to complete it.


Once the purchase amount has been received into the Seller’s account, the sales agreement between the Customer and the Seller has entered into force.


Glassesly OÜ has the right to change the terms of use of the web store and the prices of the Products, in which case changes will be reported in the web store environment.


Glassesly OÜ has the right to refuse to fulfill the order.